MYM Makine is engaging in food machinery industry and work according to customer’s request.

Our Candy, Chocolate and Food machines offering the advantages of reasonable price and excellent quality.

Delivery in on time

Today, MYM Makine has reached a Serious professional  position and has been active in the international market

All of the custom and standard machines are designed according to customers’ buildings and MYM Makine Company produced a turnkey factory with capacity to meet the needs.

Our company  adopts the problems of the  customers  such as own  problems , always  takes care of  customers’  needs and views and  shows the utmost  care  to fulfill wishes.

We always increase the effectiveness effective management and policy efficient work system.

In addition to that continually improve ourselves and every time are qualified to respond to requirements’ of the day


Our company is aware of the importance and responsibilities of our work.

Same diligence to all customers

Owing to the trade ethic which foresees approaching with quality understanding for customers

Our esteemed customers who prefer us are always one step ahead.

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